Tuesday, October 23, 2007

October 24 - Visits, UAT and a Countdown

Hey folks!
Can you believe that in 59 days I will be back in good ol Canada!?!?!? I am both excited and sad about this adventure coming to an end but enough about that.
UAT went very well. I don't want to brag but I am positive that this is the best set of user testing this organization has ever been through. I'm proud of my team and the testers. Here's a pic:

(L-R: Front, Leonard (Ghana), Meike (Germany), Monica (Spain), Joan (Canada), Kabir (Bangladesh), Back, Helen (Ethiopia), Me, Nicki (ChildData Team) and Conor (doing the Blue Steel face as usual)

After my crazy visit from Sarena I was visited by Christie for nearly a week! It was amazing that everyone we saw (including the testers and the receptionist) all pointed out that we looked like sisters! We did the touristy thing up royally and I know feel satisfied that I could leave the UK satisfied with my site-seeing. Check out the photos:

Double-decker bus tour (seriously it was great!)

Haming it up at Buckingham Palace:

Nerds at the museum of Natural History:

What trip to London with Tina is complete without a musical?!?!?

And perhaps watching Rugby in a random pub?

And the addition of another 'world wonder' to my list for this trip...Stonehenge!

All with beautiful weather and great company! Thanks Christie!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

October 16 - Sarena visit and GMT

Just a quick update that I had a terrific visit from Sarena this weekend. I showed her nightlife in Woking (I'll let her post her own judgement on that one) and we shopped up a storm. It was FANTASTIC. I think she took one or two photos so maybe I'll post one of those.

I also learned a new international phrase this week. Feel free to borrow it: GMT, meaning Ghana Maybe Time. It's an indicator that something might get done eventually if someone feels like doing it...just like most things in Ghana. hee hee

I'm still at work at 9:30 so should just finish my stinkin work and go home but I had to be a bit distracted don't I?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

October 9 - Let the User Acceptance Begin!

Day two of User Acceptance Testing and so far so good. The team looks like they will do well and we have quite the international bunch including:
- Joan from Canada (clearly my favourite)
- Monica from Spain
- Meike from Germany
- Leonard from Ghana
- Hasinil from Bangladesh
- Helen from Ethiopia, and
- Amy from the UK
Looks like the system is ready to go so it should be a busy two weeks. Looking forward to Sarena's visit on the weekend to break it up.

A couple of congrats are due to Jen and Darren on wee baby Catriona and to Dave and Megan on their engagement. :-) So much happy news for my favourite Smiths!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

October 6 - Everybody's workin for the weekend...nope just me

Hello all!

Just a quick hi from the office on this glorious Saturday morning. It's rugby-mania as England takes on the Aussies today in the World Cup but I am in the office with my Indian developers getting ready for User Acceptance Testing to start on Monday. YAY!

I wanted to post a couple more photos from India and the Taj trip as I have collected them from the others:
1) The team at the Taj (Paulina -Ecuador, Conor - ADP, Khalila - Kenya, Susan- Woking, Me and Marte - Norway)

2) The view of the Taj from the Red Fort in Agra

3) The train station in Mumbai

4) Conor on a camel...seriously!

Okay I should stop procrastinating now. I managed to get a replacement battery charger for my phone so more photos of my fun times to come.

Hope you all have a happy Turkey Day (for the Canadians of course). One of our testers is from the Canadian National Office. I can't wait to take her 'out and about' in Woking!

Go Australia!