Monday, December 3, 2007

December 3 - One year older and clearly no smarter!

Happy Monday! Only 9.5 more work days left. Can you believe it!??!? It seems like just yesterday I was weepy-Tina-nearly-missing-her-flight and now I am frantic-Tina-trying-to-finish-her-work-and-enjoy-the-rest-of-her-time-here.

Wanted to say thanks to everyone who sent birthday greetings and everyone who has sent messages that make me more and more excited about coming home. I hear there is snow so that's great! The sun is shining here in the UK!

One more week until we go live around the world so keep your fingers and toes crossed for me. I'll be happy to see it in place but sad that all the work is done.

I had a couple of folks aske me about supporting Plan so here's the link to the Canadian site in case you want to take a look. I would be happy to chat off-line with anyone who has questions about how the money is used and my opinions on the efficiency of this (and other) NGOs which I think is a smart thing to have an insite into before you invest your money.

I also wanted to post some photos from my shindig on Thursday so you can all see some more of my amazing colleagues so when I tell you stories you have faces to names:
(photos: the chilly feast, Nicki and Susan post Sangria, Me and Mike the chef, Nicki demonstrating the power of Bailey's cake, Super Lyn and I)


David said...

Welcome to 31 Traini... Sorry I missed providing you with the wishes yesterday! Looking forward to having you home... it's looking like a very wintery-winter this year in Ottawa :)

Jess said...

Is that truly Mike the chief, or did you mean chef, yet again? Is he a five-star chief?

Jay said...

nice work Traini Trax... all of your stuff is still intact back in O-town awaiting your triumphant return. Well, MOST of your stuff is still intact.. but that can wait until later. :)

Have a blast in your last few week in the UK!


Jenn said...

YEAH!! YEAH!! YEAH!!! Your coming home soon!!!!! YEAH!!! We are looking forward to your visit after Christmas!!! Catriona has grown a ton, and we love the boat you sent us from Nairobi!! It's awesome! What a lucky little girl we have! Look at all my exclamation marks!!
See you soon!